Indispensable skills to define the future

Understanding computers, software development and the internet leads you to unprecedented, worldwide opportunities. It’s the chance to define the future of media, culture, finance, even politics. But there are so many tools, platforms and languages—what’s the best way to get started?


1:1 Software Development Tutoring

With one-on-one software development tutoring, it’s possible to build a lasting foundation in a vital 21st century skill set, while working at a pace customized to a student’s individual needs and curiosity. Students will go beyond writing software, getting a crash-course on how computer science defines the world around us, from business to culture to politics. Along with a grounding in the practical experience of writing code, students will explore the history of computing and information systems, while beginning to consider the ethics of automation at global scale.

Tutoring is offered in-home or at school for students in the New York City area. Videoconference tutoring is also available.


  • Writing code for the web

  • Building web applications

  • Storing and retrieving data

  • Internet protocols: how the web and other services create global networks

  • Ethics of modern technology

  • How to go from an idea to a working project

  • How computers and their components work

  • Advanced learners: software development for iPhone & iPad


Your teacher

Danilo Campos has over 14 years experience planning, designing, building and shipping software. His history covers multiple Silicon Valley startups, including OpenFeintHipmunkLevel MoneyFutureAdvisor, and GitHub. His passion is helping the next generation of technologists develop the skills and confidence to build their dreams online.

“Danilo’s ability to work with kids from all backgrounds blows me away. He has a gift for getting people excited about technology.”
— Marion McFadden, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Grant Programs, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

While at GitHub, Danilo worked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development on ConnectHome, an initiative to bring internet access, computers and training to residents of public housing. As part of this program, he traveled the country teaching young people about how to make the most of these tools in their own lives.

Danilo has been teaching technology since childhood, bringing uncommon patience, enthusiasm and energy to the work of building these skills in others.

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